Attorney James S. Brady II

Real Estate

All lands have histories, sometimes good and sometimes bad. People do things to real estate. People sign many documents about land throughout the years unaware of the impact of some of these documents, causing problems to arise. Everything has an impact. Sometimes, people author their own messes by handling complex situations and writing up papers by themselves, ill-equipped and without knowing what they are doing.

When buying a used car, people often know to have a vehicle “checked-out” before purchase, but all too often people do not have an identical attitude about real estate.

Real estate is a very complex area in the law. You would be amazed by the variety of problems that Attorney Brady has dealt with in cleaning up messes about land over the years.

Disputes can arise with neighbors as to property boundary lines. Often, legal theories such as “Adverse Possession” or the “Doctrine of Acquiescence” are involved. These require legal and factual research and investigation. These situations usually cannot be solved by a phone or initial conference with Attorney Brady; this is simply the reality. Using decades of experience, Attorney Brady works with people to bring these types of cases to a conclusion and enable peaceful relations with your neighbors. Attorney Brady has learned that client patience is important to protect personal and property rights.

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Attorney Brady can assist with the preparation of real estate documents, including agreements, deeds, and land contracts. He reviews title work and documents, inspects documents prior to closings, and works to resolve land title issues and disputes.

He cannot review, read, or offer advice by telephone as to documents that he has not seen. It is much like asking a doctor to diagnose a medical condition of a new patient that has never been met or examined. An office conference is required.

Jim Brady works with you like a partner. He meets and talks with you, educates you, and offers suggestions and alternatives. His clients benefit from this approach and you can also.

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“Two years ago plus many months ago, I went to Mr. Brady to get a deed to my property. I didn’t have much paperwork to go on, but with what little I did give him, he was able to clean up the title problems to my property.

“His tenacious attitude was unwavering; he was adamant that he was going to succeed. He always gave me hope when I had none. He was always giving me updates and calling to make sure I understood where we were at. His attitude was always upbeat and very reassuring.”