Attorney James S. Brady II

The Initial Consultation

What can you expect during your initial office conference with Jim Brady? He will help you to navigate, become more knowledgeable about the law, and help you to analyze your situation.

You should be prepared to:

  1. Just be yourself.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Don’t worry about making a favorable impression with Attorney Brady; it is not necessary.
  4. Listen to what is said.
  5. Ask questions! Voice concerns! Tell your thoughts! Share your fears!
  6. Feel free to interrupt Attorney Brady, at any time during your conference. After all, this conference is for and about you!
  7. If you don’t understand something said or if you desire more explanation just make sure to tell Jim. Attorney James S. Brady II does not want a client to go home from a conference not understanding something and thereby relapsing in fear or worry, often unnecessarily.

Schedule an Appointment

 How do you prepare for your initial office conference?

Again, just be yourself, and be honest. If you have legal papers, bring all of them with you to the extent that you can. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to give detailed legal advice without seeing the written papers upon which your case may hinge. This can include contracts, wills, court papers, and other documents. So just gather them together the best you can. Do not worry about papers you don’t have or have misplaced.