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If you are currently planning to start or receive a divorce, contemplating a separation from your spouse, or are facing any other type of family law issue such as child custody, you know how emotionally draining and bewildering these situations can be. People are often frightened and worried.

Your children are a first concern to Attorney Brady. You can always acquire a new car or bank account, but not children. A nasty divorce can result in children being emotionally scarred. Attorney Brady can help you with this.

Share your story with Attorney Brady by requesting a free consultation by telephone. For detailed or comprehensive advice, an office conference is required. The process is similar to a medical doctor, who would require a conference with a new patient to examine a physical health situation before giving an opinion. By analogy, treating a legal health problem by an attorney is like having a medical doctor attend to a physical health issue that needs to be healed.

Attorney Brady will help to develop a strategy or plan with you that you will feel comfortable with, by which you seek to command and control the situation and move forward instead of being idle, consumed by fear and worry, and simply intimidated.

Often people simply conduct an office conference to become more familiar with the law. Knowledge is power! You will find Attorney Brady to be persistent, tough, wily, thorough, seasoned, and proactive regarding your situation, as well as compassionate.

This is not the time to trust your future to an inexperienced attorney, no matter how well-intentioned he or she may be. You need the high-powered divorce attorney who offers the skills and resources available at a large firm yet gives you the personalized attention you can only expect to find at a smaller firm. Many firms are content to simply run their clients through a “legal mill,” giving them minimal attention and not truly taking their case to heart. Attorney James S. Brady II takes a different approach. Every client is respected as an individual who is often going through a very difficult time.

Let Jim Brady, a native of our community, with more than 30 years of experience as an attorney, help you now. Take the first step in relieving your fear and contact us today!

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce

When most people hear the word “divorce” they think of drawn out legal battles which place a significant strain on the financial and emotional resources of everyone involved. This image, which is referred to as “contested divorce,” does not have to be true in your case! With Attorney Brady’s help, you may be able to carry out an “uncontested divorce,” which is generally faster, more affordable, and less stressful for you and your children.

Uncontested divorce allows you to solve all issues in your case outside of a courtroom through effective attorney representation, thoughtful negotiation, and court-ordered mediation. A far majority of divorce cases can end as uncontested divorces even if the situation is strenuous at the beginning.

Divorce Do’s and Don’ts

Divorce is never an easy decision. It does not matter if you have been married for one year or 50 years; it is still difficult.

Even relatively minor mistakes, which some people make, can have disastrous consequences. It is common for people to feel uneasy and nervous about their family law cases. Often, there is a tendency and strong emotional yearning to simply “get it over with.” Attorney Brady understands this and works with you toward a conclusion. Please keep in mind that if simply concluding the case is a chief objective, then generally, you financially will not do as well as a more patient spouse.

Based on his more than 30 years of experience, let Attorney Brady help you navigate the divorce process.

Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Don’t make decisions too quickly. You can create a lot of damage for yourself by flying off the handle and making decisions. No matter how attractive an immediate decision may appear, such hasty decisions have an impact on your future, sometimes to your detriment. Do some pre-divorce planning with Attorney James S. Brady II and consider how your choices will impact you.
  • Don’t move out of town, or to another state, or even out of the marital home, unless there is a threat of physical abuse to you and/or your children. This is one of the most frequently encountered mistakes. As simply one example, if you and your spouse have children together, moving before you have been awarded child custody through the Court could make it difficult – or impossible – to secure custody in the final parenting plan. Want to learn more about this? If so schedule an appointment with James S. Brady II.
  • Don’t settle too soon. Be aware that when the Court makes a final decision, it may have to last forever. Divorce property settlements are very difficult to change. Other issues, like child support, can be revisited. But even when post-divorce modifications are possible, convincing the Judge of the necessity of the modification can be exceedingly difficult. Work with Attorney Brady to be sure you are content with the decision so you’ll be happier in the long run.
  • Importance of obtaining early representation and legal advice should not be underestimated. There are countless mistakes you could make when filing for divorce leading up to the time when you anticipate your case will start, but there is one thing you can do to improve your chances of success: hire a qualified attorney as early as possible in the process. The legal aspects of ending a marriage can be highly complicated, even overwhelming. Attorney James S. Brady II prefers, after being hired, to take actions to make your divorce as easy as possible while defending your personal rights.
  • To preserve records, gather whatever legal, financial, and real estate documents you can. Don’t worry about what you are unable to presently obtain.
  • If you have already been served with Court papers, you should not attempt to interpret the legal impact of these papers. After all, you are not an attorney. There are deadlines prescribed by the Court Rules by which your timely response to the papers is necessary. And even if you are presently getting along with your spouse, a legal response to the papers is necessary to buy you the time to work things out properly. Often people do not make proper response and wait because of a sense of trust in what their spouse tells them, only to realize at the last minute that they need to respond and hire an attorney. This can be a real disaster. Sometimes you then cannot file a response as you missed important deadlines. This can be frightening. This does not have to be you.

Get help now. Let Attorney Brady and his more than 30 years of experience help you take control of your situation for yourself.

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“I used Jim in a legal separation matter – he knew his law – saved me a lot of money – and was willing to go and fight for me in the trenches. Jim helped me to deal with a difficult situation and I felt I came out on top – and fair to everyone.”