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Court Representation

Representing people in civil court cases often requires work, investigation, case development, and good attorney-client interaction. All of this doesn’t just happen; representation in court cases must be deliberate.

You can have the “best case” in the world, but if you don’t prepare well your likelihood of success is diminished. A doctor must prepare the patient before the surgery starts. Likewise, Attorney Brady can help you to prepare for your legal situation with proper planning. Partnering with Brady Law for court representation is a good step towards that plan.

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Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

  • Do you really know about the other party’s case? Or do you merely think you know about it?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your own case? How are you going to deal with the weaknesses?
  • Often, “discovery” is conducted under the Court Rules, to find what the opposite party intends to say and present to the court.
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the opposite party’s case? How do you plan to capitalize on the weaknesses?
  • Are you prepared to testify and know what is expected of and from you at trial?
  • Who are your own witnesses for trial and what will each say? Has your attorney contacted each potential witness to determine this? When must your “Witness List” be filed with the Court?
  • Has your attorney contacted the witnesses of the opposite party to determine the testimony against you?
  • Can or should you attempt to settle your case before trial? This requires an effort to consider the probability of success at trial.
  • What proposed exhibits will you present to the Court? When is your “Exhibit List” due to the Court?
  • Have you developed a “plan” with your attorney for handling your case in the future?

If you feel that your case deserves this type of attention, then please schedule an appointment with Attorney Brady about your case.

What types of cases does Brady Law handle in the Courts?

  • Civil suits
  • Personal injury damage
  • Injury to property
  • Real estate litigation
  • Breach of contract
  • Divorce, child custody, family law
  • Corporate and business situations
  • Probate Court cases (excluding parental termination)
  • Personal Protection Orders

Please note that Attorney Brady does not represent people in criminal felonies, drunk driving cases, nor driver license restoration situations.

Need some help? Is your legal situation and case important to you?  Don’t wait, allowing legal situations to get the better of you. If you are not taking control over your case or potential legal situation, then perhaps your opposing party is. You don’t want to be “behind the eight ball” on your personal rights.

Contact Attorney Brady today, a Kalamazoo native and seasoned attorney with more than 30 years in law practice. His advice will be a by-product of this experience.

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“Mr. Brady represented me in two different cases. He is dedicated, client-oriented, and professional. Mr. Brady is an asset to your case.”