Attorney James S. Brady II


Brady Law offers a wide variety of services to new and repeat clients, including divorce and family law; real estate; landlord representation; probate administration; wills, trusts and estate planning; and court representation. With more than 30 years in practice, Attorney Brady has the experience and expertise to handle your case.

Divorce & Family Law

Attorney Brady has years of experience in divorce cases, including evaluation of property settlement rights, child custody, child parenting time, child support, spousal support and alimony, paternity, domestic violence, and other important issues.

It is difficult to imagine a situation that Brady Law has not encountered after more than 30 years of handling these cases. Don’t know where to start? Then please click below.

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Real Estate

Brady Law handles the sale and acquisition of residential and commercial property, addresses title defects and problems, and provides document review and preparation including deeds, land contracts, mortgages, and attendance at closings.

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Landlord Representation

For more than 30 years, Brady Law has offered landlord representation including managing uncooperative and “hellion” tenants, eviction proceedings, tenancy terminations, collection of rent cases, and lease and document preparation.

Landlord representation especially necessitates development of “standard operating procedures” with you for future management of legal situations, when first encountered, before the situations develop into court cases and lawsuits are filed, thereby saving you money. Proper representation of landlords requires proactive and preventive measures, which can best be developed through the benefit of decades of practical expertise that Attorney James S. Brady II brings to your situation. Planning in advance of problems is important.

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Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

What is going to happen when you are gone? Who will handle things? With whom will your children reside? How will your children be financially supported? What will happen to your property and debts? Attorney Brady helps clients to identify goals, desires, and objectives for you and your estate during your life in advance of something happening. Attorney Brady also assists in planning for your own situation, during your lifetime, or perhaps when your spouse has passed away before you. It is especially important for you to consider your spouse, minor children, adult children, perhaps even your grandchildren and other loved ones as well as yourself.

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Probate Administration

What do you do when a loved-one passes away, leaving property, debts, and unresolved issues? Don’t try to sort it all out yourself; you are not an attorney. The law, Court Rules, and procedures are complicated. Often, handling a probate situation without proper, professional proficiency can be legally dangerous for you. If you don’t know what to do, be honest with yourself and schedule an appointment to meet with Attorney Brady.

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Court Representation

Attorney Brady prides himself in representing people who are seeking damages to redress wrongs in civil court cases. Often this includes a process whereby human disputes are resolved, sometimes without trial. Mr. Brady feels very comfortable in courtrooms, knows the judges, and enjoys amicable relations with each, all due to years of experience. In our democracy, the courtroom is where things can be rectified and remedied.

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